What are the trends in cybercrime to be aware of?

Who are we?

Nextfence is a Premium Reseller of the next generation products of Redsocks, a 100% Dutch supplier of malware detection solutions. It’s our believe that traditional solutions are incapable of detecting increasingly sophisticated malware and therefor a fundamentally different approach is needed to address future security threats. Our goal is to help your organization move from sole malware prevention to detection as a crucial part of your overall security solution.

Why choose Redsocks Malware Threat Defender?

Fast catching of malware

Implementation of the MTD takes 1 hour, has no impact on your current network infrastructure and introduces no downtime.

Covers the blind spot

By focusing outbound- instead of inbound network traffic, the RedSocks Malware Threat Defender will detect malware that entered through the blind spots that AV and FW do not monitor.

1.000.000 IP's per hour

Every hour 1.000.000 unique high-risk IPs are sent to the appliance. On a daily basis up to 100.000 new unique pieces of malware are automatically analyzed in the RedSocks Lab.

No data send from site

All processing and alerts are done within the appliance and therefor the boundaries of your premises. No data is sent anywhere

No performance impact

Redsocks MTD acts next to your router and on the edge of your network and is not placed in the data path. Future growth and increased network traffic will not generate performance issues.

100% Dutch company

Redsocks is a 100% Dutch owned company with no potential involvement from any international government agency.

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